Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Peek At Song's Desk

A Solution from Our Past

This is a repeat post from my personal blog ...
it features our schooling solution to far too little space
in a trailer home school environment.
These were taken in 2009 - About 4 years ago,
neither Story nor Song had computers,
we did not have our school room yet.

January 2009 Re-Post

 Added Current Comment:  You can see Song's pink MP3 player (she still uses it)
and headphones.
She listened to books on tape, sermons, and history and science podcasts.

Song's locker is on top of her desk - left side. She sits on the right side of Story.
She does have a few things stashed UNDER the desk too.
Her desk sits slightly under the counter top to the side there.
And she has a calendar hanging up.
Neat huh?


Although this desk and set up are now next door ...
if I were to post pictures, of her current desk,
you would be able to see many of the same elements ...
such as the drawers under her desk,
and the big white basket - her locker,
and the silver pencil box.

Well, why don't I just go ahead and take the current pictures and show you
just how much we have stayed the same over the past 4 years.

What can you find the same?

Yes, she has a computer now ...
a gift from a friend who was replacing dozens where he worked.
Upon discovering that the computers were slated for the trash,
he offered to wipe the memories and find them new homes - recycle - instead.
And he was given permission.

All she had to purchase was the keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

She decorated the speakers with glitter glue when she unboxed them.

The Innotab belongs to Sunshine .... but resides here after school
and weekends ... to prevent accidental damage.

And Sunshine loves it.

I think a "clean and purge" the desks is long overdue.

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