Friday, February 22, 2013

Felling Trees : A Peek At Our Week

A couple of weeks ago,
our yard (at least a TINY piece of it)
looked like this.

These trees are no longer standing.
A drought 2 years ago,
has damaged several trees next to our trailer house.
And they are all tall enough to do some serious damage
if they were to fall on top of us in a wind.
And considering that they are already dropping branches ...
they have to come down.

I'm sure these guys will miss their favorite perch.

Can you tell how TALL these trees are?
Daddy felled 5 of them today.
But this was one of the tallest.

Daddy was raised in logging country.
He's been felling trees my whole life.
Actually ... probably before I was born ....

This was the saddest.
Perfectly healthy and beautiful tree.

But to get the wobbly and half dead pines out behind it,
without crushing our trailers,
it had to go.

Leaf litter everywhere.


Story is having a Blog Birthday Bash today.
Things are getting pretty weird over there.

I would advise staying out of the food fight room,
but be sure to drop by the gift table,
and drop her off a nice gift.
(via the comments)

I keep wondering if all that ceder could be put to good use ...
Maybe I should stuff it under my house?
Would that help deter the cats and the bugs?
Just kidding.


We did save the cedar trunks for later.

And some of the other hardwood tree stumps as well.
The kids are going to use these as chairs in the yard.

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