Monday, February 11, 2013

Keeping Busy - A Peek at January

Sunshine discovered that she LOVES doing puzzles.
I just wish I knew where (and if I can get them back) my tons of board puzzles went...
because she is bored with the 3 we have,
but not quite ready for the loose puzzles.

I may have sent them to Good Will though ...
because she is my first child to actually LIKE puzzles!

She does up to 30 pieces.

These two spent the better part of 2 weeks playing Candyland.
They have now returned the game to our friends ...
But Sunshine recently discovered that there is a Dora Candyland electronic game.
We saw it watching Dora videos on youtube.
She thought that was a hoot.

It was frightfully cold for several weeks
Our school room would only warm up to 66 during the day,
in spite of the thermostat set at 70.
We were so cold,
that we lit a few candles to warm our fingers,
and drank a lot of hot tea.

I really dread the electric bill,
as I'm sure it will be close to house payment size,
outside walls on a trailer house are just so thin.

This puzzle comes with a delightful cheery
voice singing the sombrero song.

One night we did Christmas with our Aunt upstairs.

She treated us all to peppermints and hot chocolate.


And she gave the kids SNACKS!
They were so excited!


He has already eaten his peanut butter ...
and he cashed in his ticket for loaf of home made bread.

I don't think she liked that giraffe mug,
do you?

She loved the hand me down sewing rocking chair.
It was hand made by one of our older relative's friends.


The kids tired quickly after the last present was unwrapped ...
so we put them to bed.

Don't let the closed eyes fool you ...
she is wide awake.

My girls watching videos.


The big girls love finding Youtube videos from the History Channel
about subjects that they are studying in school.
Story spent a week following a series on the Vikings.
Song was watching a series about exploration (I think).

An Umbrella Tinker Toy.

And so ... that was our incredibly cold January.
Temps hovered in the low to mid 40's most days,
and dropped into the 20's at night.

I know for you northerners,
that isn't cold.

But as many northerners complain,
who come down here for college,
"That temperature is deceiving,
it FEELS like it is 15 to 20 degrees colder!"

I agreed after living in Colorado for 10 years.

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