Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Goals

February is an unpredictable month around here ....  the weather may be warm enough to bring on spring budding, or cold enough for snow.   Reffing season is slowing to an end, along with our sole source of income.   Allergies are in full swing as the cedars in our yard produce huge quantities of yellow pollen.   School has evolved into a rambling sort of rhythm, even though our nights seem to drag too late, and our mornings take too long to pick up into full speed.  The days are getting longer, and sun sets later ... tricking us into believing that it is earlier than it really is.   We have several birthday's to celebrate, my dad, my youngest sister, and Story turns 18 this year.   Valentine's is looked forward to ... but rarely lives up to the hype.   This year, the church youth group is planning to produce a Valentine Dinner for those in the church ... I hope they pull it off, as it should be fun!   And to make it worse ... it's a really short month, and no sooner to I get use to it's arrival, than it seems to be ending.

I'm not sure what I want as my main goal this month ... there are so many irons in the fire needing attention.   I need to go through boxes and pull larger clothes for Sunshine, organize toys again and label boxes in both Scholar and Sunshine's rooms,  go through the kitchen and purge unused items, go through my dad's VHS collection and cull it down to what will fit into my house, especially since I have 1/3 the space to put it in than where it is coming from.  I still need to organize and purge the craft supplies and try to find room for 5 times that amount to clean out the place where they have been piled and stored over the past 8 years.  I didn't buy most of it - but I've been in charge of storing for future use.  And those are just the BIG projects.   I really don't know where to start!   I also need to work on the cassette to MP3 project more, cull books - both paper and electronic ones, sort and label items all over the houses.  Scan and label pictures for the family, and so much more!

Too often, I let myself fall into reading a new book, rather than the project at hand.  Although most of my reading is in search of books for the girls to read for school, so it is not all wasted time.  

Specific Events for this month -

I'm not expecting invitations to any birthday parties.

Possibly we'll do something for Story ... if we can come up with a "where".  18 is pretty big ... right?

Valentine Dinner at church.  

Most of this below isn't changing much - but it does help me stay focused to have it written down like this.   I'll be overjoyed if anyone can help me with any of these goals!!!

Blogging -
1.  Kiddos With Kindles - Blog posts finished before Noon daily, and not let it steal my whole day.
2.  Eagle Nest - Write at least 25 Other Posts on Homeschooling, Crafts, and such.   ---  Anyone have a topic that they would like covered?   Plan to finish up many that I had set up to do in the Drafts folder.
3.  O 'Scarlett - Write at least 4 book reviews  
4.  Wings - my personal scrapbooking blog - Write at least 8 posts - catch up with pictures again
5.  Try to skim Google Reader daily.  Weed out a dozen or more blogs that I rarely actually read.

Project Household Settled
1.  Work some more on Sunshine's room - Declutter
2.  Work more on Scholar's room - Declutter
3.  Work on Craft supplies
4.  Work on Kitchen / Living room / Videos
5.  Work on Master Bathroom organization
6.  FIGHT roaches!
7.  Paint the master bathroom.

1.  Keep using up the food in the freezers.
2.  Go through freezers again later this month and refill the ones next door - trying to empty the big chest freezer for my Dad.   
3.  Make meal plans to use up as much odds and ends of stored food as possible - to keep the budget down. 

1.  Be in bed before Midnight - WITH the lights off. 
2.  Have all of the kids in bed by 9pm - and asleep.
3.  More consistent devotional times.
4.  Loose 10 lbs. 
5.  No eating after 7pm.
6.  Walk  two miles every day that the weather co-operates.  
7.  Pay more attention to our schedule that we have posted ... and tweak where needed.

1.  Make sure everything got mailed ... and delivered.  
2.  Make a plan for next year .... and attempt to make a few things each month to put into a presents box for Christmas and birthdays.
3.  Copy lots and lots of cassettes from our OLD tape collection to give to nieces and nephews on MP3's

1.  Plan out school goals for Sunshine
2.  Find somebody to cut the chalk board in half - get half up in Story's room for her, and the other half up in the school room.
3.  Find someplace to put up the posters and charts in the room - or find the charts a new home.
4.  Learn to use my new label machines.
5.  Declutter the School room - bring some of the craft supplies over to use for school.

Find and enter birthday information into the Reminder program that I found to use.

Or at LEAST get it all into the 2013 calendar!

Remove the useless built in sets of drawers in my bedroom, and turn into a functional living/storage space for the crafts and household extra items that we need and use regularly.  ....  I could REALLY USE SOME ADVICE and HELP .... we have NO money, and we aren't handy with remaking things.

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