Monday, September 3, 2012

Song Shows How to Clean a Dryer's Lint Vent

Friday night,
Song was cleaning the lint trap,
and a clothes pen fell from the shelf and slid right down the vent.


Amid giggles,
How do we get it out.

I told her to go watch a Youtube video on how to take apart the dryer.

Armed with experience 
(she had helped Aunt K clean her dryer several months ago)
she fell to work.

By the time I caught up to her,
she was unplugged,
away from the wall
and hard at work removing the screws.

that's a lot of lint dust!

I sent the back out with Story,
so she could wash it down.

See the black part?
That's the vent.
The lint trap slides down inside.
The clothes pen will be at the bottom.
It was simple to remove the two screws at the top
where the lint trap sits
plus several more at the bottom,
and lift the lid (it pops up - not exactly easy - but give it a hard pull up)
so we could slide this whole piece out

At that point I said,
be careful about the dead mouse.
She freaked.
I assured her that a mouse would be extremely unlikely.

We have a weird sense of humor.

After sending the tube outside with Story
for a thorough cleaning,
she went to work on the back again -
those holes in the white part ...
that's the vent to the drum - 
can you imagine how much dusty dirt was being pulled through the clean clothes?

There was a LOT of sand.

it was as clean as she could get it.

She put it all back together.

She found the clothes pen.

And a blue ink pen.

And two large open safety pens.

Four small safety pens

Six pennies.

A few buttons.

and that was just with NOT getting too friendly with that giant ball of lint!

This is what I call a successful education.

She saw a problem.
Researched a solution.
and then
Made it happen.

Her next dryer goal..

ours is a front inside lint trap,
completely different method of cleaning.

She also learned from the experience ...

Next time ...

Wear a mask if you have asthma.

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