Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Fun: Words and Letters

This one was REALLY HARD...

Because while words are a HUGE part of my life ...
I don't take many pictures of them ....

We took a vacation to see relatives
every summer.
My parents took our picture under road signs.
But almost all of these are in photographs,
and not scanned into my computer.

I'm the taller of the two kids.

My kids wear a LOT of shirts with words on them.

These of Story and Song... glow in the dark!
Scholar and Engineer love having Twin Shirts
for their birthdays.

Books are a HUGE part of our life ... as you can see in the next 3 pictures.

And sometimes a Word just kind of gets into a picture.

Hunny ... Song's Pooh costume.
Story's Furby Pillow - her favorite for years.
We still have the hunny jar and the pillow.
And even on Song's Pirate Boat that 
she named "Five Turtle Bones"
when she celebrated her 5th birthday.
She still "loves" pirates.


the ONLY picture that really hit my hot button....

is this picture of Song.

This is a picture from the last family "holiday" fun day that we did ...
We had a Year Family Pass from the zoo.
About a 45 minute drive,
and this was our last month.

They invited all card holders to a
"Behind The Scenes" day

This is Song.
That box is what they transport alligators inside.

She was all kinds of thrilled.

Many happy memories of that very fun day.

I think I love this one best,
because we've not had an all day holiday since this one.
Not as a whole family at least.

Of course,
we are together all day - every day.
And we have a lot of happy memories over the last 6 years.

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  1. I love the hunny jar picture, looks like so much fun and the last picture reminds me of Mada.gascar

  2. EEEEK - the box :)

    Do you know my kids touched a snake and I SCREAMED on Saturday? they thought it was huge fun!!!


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