Monday, September 10, 2012

Peek at Our Week - Sept 2 - Sept 8

I didn't see as much of Scholar this week ...

But this strange bird flew around scaring people


Scholar was finally able to open his Science set
that his aunt and uncle
gave him for Christmas.

Sunshine has turned into "T - I - Double Gg - ER"
and bounces Scholar several times a day.

A penny experiment
which I must blog about soon!
Along with his rainbow investigations from the summer.

A picnic with her puppy dog.

Anyone brave enough to change the batteries?

That is the unit that sends the outdoor temp
to my favorite gadget.

And those are red wasps.

About half were gone from when I found them the first time.


Bouncing brother.

"Yes, I know who you are,
you've bounced me before."
he says with a sigh.

Teaching little sister about colors and rainbows.

Later, it was Sunshine who cleaned up the mess.

Scholar started an investigation with solar ovens.

With temps soaring close to 107 every day this week,
we gave it a try.

I just happened to have a board covered with aluminum foil.

And the results were quite impressive.

Especially after covering the pot with plastic wrap.


Singing ...

but he headphones are not plugged into anything.

Her song went something like this ...

"I'm in da Yord's army, T-I double Guh, er , Yes Sir, manomina, do do do do, mon omin omin om. ..... It was a really interesting mix of songs and sung comments ..."

And then ... she added her chore list to the song.

Scholar created his own computer game....
on the door of the dishwasher.

I'm still not sure of the rules.

But he LOVES to play it!

I'm not tired.
But I will sit on your lap while you type.


Making a LONG train track.

where we spent a great deal of our time this week.

Continuing conquering the school room.

Can you tell we accomplished anything?

People who are visiting tell me they can't.

It's quite depressing.


So ... that is what we've been doing this week.

We also found the Ref's dresser under a mountain of stuff
 and worked on bathroom deep cleaning,
changed my bed and poured cinnamon on it several times,
after waking up repeatedly to sugar ants biting.

we woke up Saturday morning to temps in the low 70's.
Blessed relief.
When I looked at my clock,
it was 10:30 am.
I'm normally up before 9am,
so I really slept in with the cooler weather -
and so did the kids.

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