Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OOBLIK - Cornstarch and Water Experiment

This is a
Blast From Our Past
about 4 years ago.

What is almost solid hard when you try to push it around or drag your finger through it or roll it into a ball.....

But dripps off your fingers like a liquid when you let go of it and let it run off of your fingers or hands?

It's OOBLIK! You start with corn starch and add water until you get a mayonaise like consistancy (which we found out was harder to do than you would think.) Add water and it gets chalky and hard. We had just over a box of cornstarch and added around a quart of water to it before we could play with it. The instructions said to add the color to the water, but everyone wanted a different color, so we added it to the mix and they mixed it by hand. Which took a lot of effort!

Scholar was totally amazed and kept making little balls and then asking everyone? Where is my ball? Pony on the other hand never got her blue mixed into the stuff since she didn't want to touch it.

All of them loved it - from oldest to youngest. Engineer took a long time to get into his green. "It's really sticky," he said.

It was very messy - so we were very glad we took it outside to play.
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