Friday, September 28, 2012

Peek At Our Week - Sept. 18 - 23

I know I'm late ... this week has been almost as bad as last week ...

My monitor died.
The refs video card died.
Story got into poison ivy while helping clear weeds.
Huge accident right at the end of our road at 5am, 
so we were without electricity for 3 1/2 hours
(we were so thankful that we were NOT without electricity from 5 til Noon!, 
they turned it off at 9:30am).
A water leak sprung under our house - again..
so no water in our house,
fortunately, my dad lives right next door,
so we have plenty of water.

Plus we turn the water on long enough every night,
to wash dishes (sink)
and fill the tub,
and refil both of the toilets.

The ref left the rear windshield on the ground last week.
One of those
(I really CAN'T believe I just did that) moments.

But I LOVED the rental car's hooks and latches for the carseat.

We got that thing in so tight,
that I was just a tad worried that the seat would stay dented.

Sunshine tried out forward facing - 
up til now, she hasn't liked it.
But the carseat didn't fit rear facing,
and still leave room for the ref's legs.


I'm T-I- Double G- ER
And I just bounced you!

I know,
You've bounced me before.

I haven't a clue.
Not my child.

Story / Song ?
Both had a hat.
Made this hat years and years ago,
they were maybe 5 and 7?

It had seen MUCH better days,
and when I found it at the bottom of the dress up box,
I tossed it.

Later Sunshine rescued it and wore it all evening.

A peak at Jr. Church 
Wordless Book

We spent a great deal of the week working on the kitchens.
And the yards.

But you really can't tell we did much.

Connected half of the plastic ware tops with bottoms,
but there is a huge laundry basket of unmatched pieces!

We've been doing a lot of deep cleaning,
and minuscule sorting.
Taking a jar full of paperclips,
thumbtacks, loose change,
tiny toys, safety pins....
and sorting them back out into their proper locations.

It would be easier to throw them away and buy new stuff,
but that's not how I roll.

But as a result,
we didn't manage to take many pictures this week.

But we are walking a mile or more nearly every night now,
and sometimes Scholar and I do another 1/2 mile in the mornings.

And bedtimes seem to be getting closer to 10pm,
rather than past 11pm.

Maybe because the night falls earlier?

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  1. That was my hat - I had the veil. I thought veils were cool at the time. Still do, actually ... I need a hat with a veil ...


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