Friday, September 14, 2012

Chore Chart

I saw something somewhat like this on a blog,
pinned it to pintrest,
and now we've got one made.

Scholar loves turning around the cards, and for each 4 cards that he turns around, he gets a gold coin.

A gold coin can be turned in for computer and TV time, 
or junk food,
or other privileges.

Listening to Story read a story ...

while sitting on Scholar's school desk.

Actually, this last picture was the next morning.

But those scrunched eyes just crack me up.


This was posted last October.

Scholar used his chore chart pretty well,
until we broke for Christmas,
my best friend's family had to move their trailer,
and it turned into a 6 month project!

While they were "temporarily" living in our school area,
we didn't use the chart.

Currently, we are redoing the chart,
and looking for a new place to hang it.
We don't have much wall space in the school room,
so I am considering placing it in his new bedroom instead,
and removing the school goals.

it worked very well for the 3 months that we used it.

We look forward to revamping the idea for this year.
We also plan to make one for Sunshine to use when we start her in school after her birthday.

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