Saturday, September 15, 2012

Camera Fun : SOUND

Photo Fun September...

This Week's Theme


This was hard....
but I think next week will be even harder ...
at least for me.

Hope you enjoy -
only 6 this week -
so I only went 1 over,
and I think every parent will love the 6th picture.

A Kiss

(don't you just LOVE Sunshine's blue eyes!)


Happy Cousins Giggling in Leaves


One Man Band

The Silence of Bedtime.

This is Song - but it was my best sleeping picture.
She was only a few months older than Sunshine is now.

She looks a TON like Sunshine here.
So much so ...
that one night,
I mailed this pic to the Ref,
and thinking Sunshine was down for the night,
he went to bed ...
not even realizing that it has been over 6 years since he's seen that comforter!

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  1. LOL at your story about the last pic.

    oh yes, the sound of sleeping babies is the best sound ever :) after the giggles!

    I love the slurping one - I could hear it immediately.

    thanks for playing, Rachel

  2. Oh I love the bubble popping! LOVE IT! I should really pull some out for my ladies. It makes such a distinct sound, and the endless fun!! OH MY!! More importantly, that gorgeous baby hand! I melt for them!
    Thanks for playing!

  3. Lovely pictures. Haaa the joy of a sleeping baby (she looks exhausted). I still like to pop those bubble wraps and slurp when drinking using a straw in the comfort of home (yes yes I know it's so childish, but it's so much fun) and the one man band hilarious. And the blue eyes stunning. You did well, just one over.


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