Saturday, September 1, 2012


This is a just for fun post ...

a friend challenged us to come up with just 5 pictures
Well .... I finally narrowed it down to these.
Which ones do you like best?
I absolutely LOVE yellow and green.
This is just fun.
A recent sunset after a storm.
The air felt orange.
My favorite shirt.
I love the love and the yellow!
Purples and Pinks
just blends in so well with her tower.
I LOVE daffodils.
In which ... I got creative.
I sure miss this.
Song ... singing to her goat.
I love the PINK.
A sunset at the lake.
LOVE the silhouette.
Sunset on the lake.
I LOVE Quilts.
All quilts.
But this is one of my favorites.
It's not mine.
Just one I photographed at our library quilt show.
So .... which 5 are your favorites?


  1. I'm biased to sunsets so definitely the sunsets are a big favourites. And now thanks to you I like purple and pink. But I love love love the singing to the goat. That's just so beautiful :)

  2. The first sunset is just gorgeous but my favourite is the nail polish on the hands :) TOOOOOOOO precious!

    Thanks for playing along!


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