Saturday, August 25, 2012

Favorite Curriculum: Doorposts: For Instruction in Righteousness and Polished Cornerstones

Two of our favorite resources for homeschooling and building Godly character into our two daughters and their friend who schools with us are "For Instructions in Righteousness" and "Polished Cornerstones".

"For Instructions in Righteousness" was compiled during the years that Pam was raising her now mostly grown children - she has 7.   You can read about them here -

In it, she has compiled verses and Bible stories to aid parents in training their children up in the Word of the Lord. She classifies the sections into areas of sinfulness - but each chapter includes positive verses of reward for the positive behavior as well as the warnings and effects of the bad bahavior or attitudes. With the older girls, we have sometimes had them copy verses listed, choose and memorize verses, and even study whole chapters. Scholar is  now gaining from the contents - I go and look for a Bible story and tell it to him to explain the Biblical attitude that I want to see him develop.

The other resource is just for Girls - I guess it is sort of a home-ec and character building curriculum all rolled into one very thick book. "Polished Cornerstones" is based on Proverbs 31 - and covers every subject I could ever dream up and more ideas and resources than I could ever compile for myself. She has so much to offer that you can quickly become quite overwhelmed if you try to do it all. The book is designed to start with very young girls - 5 or so - all the way up to college aged girls preparing for marriage. She organized it to start with verses to memorize and study - as much or as deeply as the age of the girl and the parents choose to persue. The first few items listed are aimed at very young girls and they get progressively more involved and complicated. Worksheets are included in each chapter for some of the projects, and each unit ends with evaluation questions to help the parent think though goals for their girls. The whole thing is completely parent led so you can adjust the work to reflect your own intrests, talents and Biblical beliefs.

She also produced a similar book for boys called "Plants Grown Up" which I look forward to using with Scholar this year.

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