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Author: Jules Verne

One of my favorite Science Fiction authors was Jules Verne ... he wrote a LOT of books, and if you remember WHEN he lived - it is thrilling and amazing to line up his thoughts and ideas to what has happened in our past, but his future.

Sometimes he is amazingly accurate.  And sometimes, it is almost hilarious how far off from the truth he was.  He died in 1905 ... before cars and airplanes were common, electricity and telephones were still a novelty, trains were a fast mode of transportation.  He was a grown man in his 30's during the Civil war, having been born in 1828.  During his time, science, technology, and business had taken huge leaps of advancement.  Ideas were being challenged, and for the first time, people were communicating at relatively rapid speeds as mail and trains and telegraph became a standard.

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copied from Wikipedia ... these are the works that Jules Verne gave to the world.


Cover of L'Algerie Magazine, June 15, 1884: A drawing of Jules Verne and some of the creatures from his novels.
Verne wrote numerous works, most famous of which are the 55 novels that comprise the Voyages Extraordinaires. He also wrote short stories, essays, plays, and poems.
His first and better known works include:
  • A Voyage in a Balloon (Un Voyage en ballon, August 1851 as published in Musée des familles)[12]

Title: The English at the North Pole 
       Part I of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras
Title: The Field of Ice
       Part II of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras

  • The Child of the Cavern, also known as Black DiamondsThe Underground City or The Black Indies (Les Indes noires, 1877)

Not on the list above ....  Combined works and Essays? or misnamed? or excerpts

Title: A Winter Amid the Ice
       and Other Thrilling Stories


Collections of Verne's Work .... these will not be free



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