Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Peek at My Last 2 Weeks July 21 - Aug 3

Saturday, July 21,
my niece came to play with Sunshine.
This is the dress we tie dyed for her.
Something had spilled down the front,
and this was our solution to hide the stain.
Looks amazing!
The girls played with their dollies all morning.
Later that evening,
we found some
Sunshine in a box.
She made Story carry her around.
She said she was flying in an airplane.
Once Story set down her Sunshine,
Scholar ran and got him a box to sit in as well.
They sat and chatted for quite a while,
then drove off for an adventure.
That evening was amazing.
I took about a dozen sky pics.
Of course,
nothing beats the real thing.
And late into the evening,
Sunshine talked Story into a puzzle.
We made Shield's of Faith.
Details at a later date.
Then we spent the entire day at Grandma's,
while the Ref went to a volleyball meeting.
On the 23rd,
Sunshine spent quite a bit of her day,
wearing a bucket on her head.
Searching for clues.
Investigating the "no no's" from the shelves while
we were moving furniture and rooms around.
This is part of the project
Put Story into the Playroom
Of course, when we finish,
it will be Story's room,
and not the playroom.
We also cleaned out the bathroom,
so my Dad could get the water leak fixed
in the bathroom.
Song hard at work moving our media center
back next door.
Most Tuesdays,
we have a HUGE house full of little kids.
While the big kids volunteer at a horse therapy place.
Scholar got a haircut.
He loves to make a huge protest of the whole procedure,
but after getting his ear nipped a few years ago,
he no longer shakes his head.
One of our friends made this shirt
at Song's birthday party.
I think hers turned out the best!
She said it sat in their hot car the rest of the day,
maybe I need more heat!
More bucket days.
July 25 - Singing on her giant guitar.
they split a popcicle.
More progress on Story's room.
I painted her desk for her 9 or so years ago.
She still LOVES it!
This is where she writes at least half of her stories.
This year,
our church has been featuring
Hebrews 11
every Wednesday night.
This was Joshua and Jericho night.
The kids made swords.
It is a piece of PVC pipe
+ part of a pool noodle
+ colorful duct tape.
The following Wednesday,
they did David.
David led his sheep to water and grass.
So they had a water night on the church lawn.
We stayed VERY busy with 2 extra littles that weekend.
I had 2 of my nieces from Thursday to Monday.
Plus we had lots of company!
Relatives kept dropping by.
We love our relatives, and we love visiting them.
Just not all of them on the same day.
;)   "wink"
Our Sunday Jr. Church Project,
was fiery darts.
Sunshine is still trying to get her pair of sandals made.
Another relative mailed the kids a box.
They had a TON of fun unpacking their surprises.
This is #2 of 3 scorpions that have invaded us this year.
This is the little one.
Just over 2 inches.
Highlight of my week!
I got a new pen in the mail.
Gorgeous color!

Now to dupe find a friend
who is willing to use that $2.00 coupon
to buy me some more colors.

(People sometimes feel sorry for me when I tell them
that the Ref got me pens and chocolates for a birthday
or Valentines day.  
But it's what I LIKE!)
Sunshine Singing again
And driving her car shopping.
And "fighting" aliens.
with Scholar.
We finally got one bathroom marked
almost completely off of our "to do" list for now.

We still have "deep clean"
and "find best towels" 
on the list.
is my
Scary - huh?
Everything that I haven't had time to sort or find a home for ...
it's in this room.
Hard to believe that just 9 months ago,
it was in perfect order.
The kids all have a desk under there somewhere.
Move Story
continued ... we aren't done yet!

There IS a bed under all of that.
The place Song volunteers
has been cleaning house as well.
Song brought these treats home for her and Sunshine.
This is the kids bathroom.
Bathtub leaks ... it hasn't been used in over 8 years.
BUT Story has used it as a closet,
and the pile of "hide and run" stuff was humongous!
It took Song 2 days to get the room whipped into shape.
Song's area isn't much better.
She's been hard at work sorting for the past week.
This is our second "drop it till we can sort it and find a home" spot         ...
but this is my house.
A few months ago, most of this wasn't here.
And it should shuffle into other rooms as we finish rearranging the houses.
This section is coming along nicely.
It will be a tiny area for all of our video collection.
Sunshine continues to keep herself busy.
Scholar has been vanquishing bad guys and aliens.
Song is making progress in her areas.
Much nicer,
don't you think!
And our new media corner continues to form.
We are quite a bit farther on this project now.
Still driving a space ship.
This boy has an amazing imagination.
So ... that was MY last 2 weeks,
and the reason why my posts have been
less than regular.
Did I mention the temps have been pushing up to 100 by noon each day?
The kids play inside when it is that hot.
Which makes for a lot of big messes!
Fun times.

my sister's were up several times to help
sort through the stuff that needs to leave the house, 
and so was my Dad.

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