Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fiery Darts of the Devil Craft

While Story did make a proto-type ahead of time,
it appears as if I failed to take step by step pictures.

What we used:

1.  A bag of tips from skewers that my mom had used once making a cake.
2.  Markers
3.  Duct tape
4.  Yarn and Christmas tinsel

1.  We handed 2 skewer tips to each child
and a box of markers.

2.  We gave each child several strings of yarn
and several strands of tinsel.

3.  We gave each child 2 strips of duct tape,
we showed them how to put the ends of the
yarn and tinsel onto the tape.

4.  We assisted the younger ones,
the older ones caught on quickly how to wrap the decorated tape
around the end of the skewers.

This is one of my better successes.
We only had to help the youngest ones,
and many of them made a third one as well.


Of course,
now we had a room full of kids
with sharp pointy objects in their hands ...

So I made a few targets,
lined them up,
and they happily did target practice
for the rest of the 5 minutes until the parents arrived.



Use straws for the darts.

Decorate with crepe paper.

We talked about how beautiful the darts were,
and how dangerous.
Sin can look pretty nice,
but it is very dangerous.

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