Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shield of Faith Craft for the Armor of God

Shield of Faith

1.  Two parts of a box - opposite ends
2.  White School Glue
3.  Something large and heavy
4.  Box Cutters or Good Scissors
5.  Large boxes (We got a dozen from McDonald's)
6.  Duct Tape
7.  Markers and Crayons and Stickers to decorate.
8.  Gray or Silver Paint

1.  We cut up 10 boxes.  Each box gave us 2 shields - a smaller one and a larger one.

2.  We saved the flaps for a future project.

3.  Glue the sides with words facing each other,
so you have 2 box parts per Shield and blank
sides on both sides of shield.
I think a floor glue that can be brushed to the edges might have
worked better, and added extra strength.

4.  Set something large and heavy on top of your pile of shields
to get the glue to seal the boards together tightly.

5.  Optional:  After shields are dry.   Paint them gray or silver.
Or any other color.

6.  Seal the edges of the shield together using duct tape.
We found this frustrating, as our duct tape
would not stay stuck to some of he shields.

Since we were using 2 rolls of duct tape,
it finally occurred to us that one roll stuck better than the other one.

7.  Give the kids stickers, glitter glue, markers, etc
to decorate their shields.


8.  To make a handle,
Place a strip of duct tape down on the back of the shield.
Turn a second piece of duct tape over (sticky up)
Place a third piece - cut to 1/2 the size of the second - sticky to sticky
right in the middle of the second piece,
turn over and press onto the 3rd piece.


This wasn't holding very well,
so we placed two more long strips
perpendicular to the handle on either end,
and then we placed two more strips
parallel to the first set to help hold those strips in place.


While making the helmets,
we ended up with handles of the water jugs on the floor.

Sunshine thought those made really nice shields as well.

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