Monday, August 27, 2012

Peek at Two Weeks - Mayhem and Celebrations

I've been so very busy taking pictures of
"stuff to sell"
that I keep forgetting to take pictures
of the important things in life.

But here is a smattering of what actually did get documented.

We finally made the last piece of the armor of God for Jr. Church.

I'll post instructions soon.

Scholar reading a favorite book.

A surprise!
After a long hectic day,
I finally got to my room
and found my bed was made.

And a secret note on my pillow,
telling me who made the bed.

Sunshine LOVES her new bed.
After 2 weeks,
she spends most nights here.

She is overjoyed to have
"her own room".

After 5 hours of the two big girls and I
working and sorting and carefully stacking...

the Ref has a space to go ahead and move into the office.

Then we'll fix his old office up for Scholar,
and get the school computers moved back down into the schoolroom.

We were without water in our entire house for 3 days.
The cold water going to the kitchen sink burst.
Trailers often have only ONE spot to turn on/off water for the house.

Of course we have my dad's house next door ...
his kitchen is out of commission until we replace
the hot water heater.

the only hot water in the house
was the bathtub.

Celebrating a 50th anniversary.

Celebrating 3 sons,
3 DIL's
and 7 Grandchildren.

Last week's Jr. Church Craft.

Sunshine worked at this tiny shoe
for almost 30 minutes,
trying to tie the laces.

Another day,
she put on her armor again...
and continued to vanquish sunbeams
and dust balls.

Now this is a really funny picture.
She wanted me to take a picture of her birthday wish list.
So I told her to hold it up.

But her hands were covering most of the paper.

So I told her to not put her fingers so far onto the paper,
she tucked it under her chin and looked down.
Her hair fell over the paper.

I told her to pull her hair out of the way ...
and you can see the result.

What a funny face!

This is how I help the kids decide what they want to ask for,
for birthday or Christmas.

We make a list like this,
cut it apart,
and then they arrange and rearrange
remove and add,
and contemplate for a few days.

Finally, we put the wishes up on Amazon.

Since they don't go to the store often,
nor do they watch TV,
the usually come up with things that
they really DO want,
and  usually they are thrilled with what they get.


She insisted I make her a chore chart,
just like Scholar's.

Take a Bath.

You need water for a bath.

And a fork.



So she took all of her kitchen toys to the bathtub and gave them a bath.

This is what we took to our church potluck today.
We call it Monkeys in a Blanket
or Monkeys in Bed.

Kind of a cross between pigs in a blanket,
and Monkey Bread.

We start with mini "pigs in blankets"
which are 1/4 biscuit covering a 1/4 mini sausage.

Next we grease and flower a pan - usually a bunt pan.

Set all of the blankets into the pan.

Make a scrambled egg mix,
any way you like,
add extra butter.

Pour mix over the blankets.

We cooked this at 400 degrees for almost 20 minutes.
We watched for the biscuits to look done.

Cool and eat.

A pan this size, will last us close to 3 breakfasts.

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