Thursday, August 23, 2012

Young Children On the Computer - Free Activities Online

This is Song ... back in 1999.

For an hour or so each day - often an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon - I have allowed Scholar to muck around online while I'm helping Story and Song with school work in Jr. High and High School.   Often, now days, Sunshine sits beside him and he "teaches" her as they work together.

So ... what do they do?

For the last year or so, Scholar has been limited to an online browser - Kidzui.  Now, I don't exactly like everything that is there, but over time, we've accumulated a page of favorites where he spends the bulk of his time.  There is rumor that it will be switching from free to charging a small yearly fee.

Check here for a few more kid friendly browsers ... and there are others that I've ran across as well.

However, there are specific websites that Scholar and his cousins enjoy on a regular basis.  Some of these are completely free, and other have a limited number of games that are free.  Below are sites they have enjoyed, and quite a few that I found while looking for his lists.  Many are suitable for kids of many ages, or have links for older children games.

1.  Youtube ... yes, I know, there is plenty to NOT like about youtube.  But Song has set up play lists, and he can click on his and sit and listen to songs, stories, movies, and more - things we put on his list.

2.  Nick Jr.

3.  Cool Math Games

4.  Disney Jr.  -  TV Disney Jr.

5.  Jumpstart   --  I signed up for their newsletter, and receive printable coloring/worksheets every week.

6.  Fisher Price

7.  PBS Kids

8.  Sprout

9.  Fun 4 The Brain

10.  Learning Games

11.  Mother Goose

12.  Sheppard Software

13.  Time for Learning

14.  Kaboose

15.  AOL Kids

16.  Sesame Street

17.  Starfall

18.  KneeBouncers

19.  Aven's Corner - music plays when it loads up

20.  H i T

21.  Building Blocks

22.  Treehouse TV

23.  Crayola

24.  Fungooms

25.  Zoodles - another browser

26.  EZ School

27.  GirlsGoGames kindergarten

28.  Barbie

29.  Poisson Rouge

30.  Mouse Club

31.  National Geographic for Kids

32.  Lego

33.  Dan-Ball - Physics

34.  Math Playground

35.  Neo Pets

36.  Isle of Tune

37.  Kobongo

38.  Carrot Sticks Math Challenge Game


40.  Xtra Math - young elementary learn math facts

I know I haven't even scratched the surface of great kids games online.  If you know of any others, please add them in the comments.

And I almost forgot ... check your local library's web page, or a big city's public library page ... Many of them have a special website for young kids listing many links to safe places for kids to play.

Such as this one in Colorado Springs
Dallas, Texas
even tiny towns often have a kid's page - St. Maries, Idaho

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