Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Leaf Plate Craft

The kids were a bit restless Thanksgiving day ...
so after a quick glance at the internet for an idea,
I came up with this one.

Cheap plate
soft/fresh colored leaves (collecting them was part of the fun)
white glue or glue gun
scissors or box cutter
Marker/ crayons

1.  trace each child's hand onto a plate

2.  cut out the hand (leave bottom attatched)

3.  Draw a quick turkey face

4.  Have children collect leaves.

5.  Color As desired

6.  put glue onto the plate "behind" the turkey

7.  Removing the stems helps the leaves stick better.

8.  Fresh leaves work better than crunchy ones

9.  Keep adding glue until the child is happy with the look

All ages were able to participate - ours ranged from 2 - 8.
The 10, 15, and 17 year old had disappeared into their gadgets by this time.
The 4 - 8 year olds enjoyed it the most.

None of the kids were allowed to use the box cutter,
and the plate was too thick to make scissors easy.

Overall - this was a HIT.
I'm thinking about doing a snowman one for Christmas or New Year.
Or maybe a Star One.

I think this could be easily adapted to many themes.

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