Sunday, November 25, 2012

Parents Thank You Card Craft for Preschool

Our theme last Sunday was...

Dear God,
Thank You
for the gift of
my parents.

The children each chose a favorite color of construction paper.

We used an ink stamper pad to put
handprints on each card.

Voice of experience:
Make sure the ink will come OFF their hands!

Ours didn't,
and we sent home nearly a dozen kids with bright purple hands!

But as Sunshine's hand was fine after a bath,
I'm sure the others were too.

Use paint,
draw around their hands,
use a cut out of their hands,

I absolutely LOVE having hand prints of my kids.
With the dates are best.

Each child chose several stickers,
and drew pictures as well.
We used glitter glue to draw hearts.

Sunshine ran off right after I took the third picture.
I think she hung it on Daddy's wall.

I failed to get pictures of the action,
or the results on Sunday.

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