Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peek at Our Week - Oct. 15 - 31

We made a very fascinating crystal tree.
Science Experiment that I will blog about later.

We found Scholar's two coats.
And I thought he had outgrown his and didn't have one!
So glad to see he has TWO!

Sunshine has been enjoying her new bedroom,
and happily showing it off to all of her friends.

Her room is a generous section of the livingroom.
Most of her clothes are in the plastic drawers.

Shredding documents for Daddy.

What are you afraid of?
Scholar drew this picture.

The only picture we got of Sunshine with Story's doll.
It is sort of a tradition.

We semi-deep cleaned my kitchen.
It looks so HUGE without the table in the middle.

Watching my Princess Nieces

Creating a new header for my Personal Blog.
Arranged by age (with one exception)

Third Birthday
With a Special Outfit from her Aunt.

Hay Ride
with our church.

AND my aunt arrived just in time for the birthday party.
It has been an extremely HECTIC couple of weeks.
I had hoped things would calm now,
but it looks like it will be a while yet.

Posts may continue to be sporadic for a few more weeks.

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