Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Library Trip for October

This is what a trip to the library looks like for us.
We are HEAVY users.
We would get more,
but there is a 10 book per card limit.
So we max out at 60 books.

Scholar's "Book It" books from the Accelerated Readers List.

Scholar's Stack for Science and History Reading
or being Read to
or Just look at the Pictures.

Song's Books

Story's Books

A More Recent trip to the library yielded ...

But once again ....
somewhere in the frenzy
that has been the status quo of our life,
2 DVD's didn't go back on time,

I really thought they had!
Sunshine had asked for the Winnie the Pooh video for days,
and I told her it was back at the library.

Imagine the horror to find it sitting on the DVD player!!!

I just can't afford 
$4 fines
on top of the cost of actually going to the library.

So this will be our last trip
until at least January.

I am praying for a CALM year.
To allow us to rest - just a little.

But with over 8000 books on Kindle,
surely I can find something for the kids to read.

We have used our public library heavily over the past 17 years.

But sometimes things stop working.

And you just have to accept it,
and move on.

Now if only the Kindle programs worked better,
on old, slow computers,
while processing over 8000 books!


I'll add to my TO DO list,

find duplicates on Kindle and delete the extra copies
skim and review picture and toddler books
delete the toddler books from our Kindle Library
See if Calibre works better for reading the books than the Kindle program.
Blog about Calibre

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  1. I remember actually taking my roll behind luggage to the library to check out 50-60 books at a time when I was home educating. I had a friend who used her double baby stroller for carrying the books for years after her kids were no longer in it. -- Did you know that most libraries have a program where you can use your eReader to "check out" library books. Just like physical books they have a limited time you can keep them in your Kindle, and the copies are limited (makes no sense whatsoever) HAHA! Your library may have this too.


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