Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scholar and the USA Project

*** Blast from our Past***

Every few days, Scholar studies a new state.

Standard is ... 1.  Workbook and short reader.  
2.  Sleeping Bear Alphabet State Book (or similar)
3.  State print outs.


friends send packages or pictures or postcards.

Here you can see his workbook.

And his worksheet.

So what state was he studying just before Sunshine turned 2?

We just finished Louisiana's worksheet.

I forgot to print a few, so we have 4 or 5 more to go to catch up.


Ironically, at this point,
the world went awry and time stopped.
My BFF's family of 7 moved in with us,
and the school room was difficult to get to ...
six months later (almost)
they left ...
but before we could reclaim our school room,
time froze again!
and we began to prepare for my Aunt to move in permanently.

So in spite of the fact that the following was written 
1 year ago ...
the facts are
the same ...

We WILL get it done!


So over the Christmas Break
(which starts today through Jan 1)

We will cover









maybe ... it will depend a little on how many presents we make
and if we have time.

BY FAR ... his favorite state has been Idaho.

He got TWO HUGE boxes from that state.

One was full of postcards, books, and stuff like that.

The other one had snacks, beans, a hat, garnets, and a LOT of other stuff.

Most of the stuff is still in the box, and he pulls it out to look at everything now and again.

MAPS  have been a huge favorite.

As have the old style pennents - he's gotten some from
three different sources - one person 
sent a big handful of them.

What a great way to learn - don't you think!

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