Monday, January 7, 2013

Candy Wreath

My kids make their own Christmas presents.

I try to do things that are easy, repeatable, and yet
will be "useful" to the recipient.

Scholar chose candy wreaths this year.

He got to practice tying ... a LOT.

He did need help with the candy on a string part,
but was able to tie everything else on his own.

These are wreaths that Song made a few years ago,
from our wisteria vines.

Each wreath had 10 - 15 pieces of candy.

Plus several Christmas ornaments.

These would also make great birthday presents.

Tie on a favorite candy,
and several items that would interest the receiver.

For instance,
if you are making it for a young boy who likes cars,
tie on their favorite candies,
and several hot wheel cars.

Or if they sew,
tie on several sewing items,
elastic, thread, needles, and such.

We used 89c packages of hard candies from Walmart,
and left over curling ribbon from past Christmas crafts.

We were given a bunch of ornaments,
and each year I buy packages of glittery type ornaments
for wrapping packages and making gifts.

It was funny that everyone kept putting them on their heads.

We also found a scarecrow craft kit,
and he had a great time putting it together.

I LOVE finding craft kits on sale,
and between me and my  mom,
we had purchased many.

They are almost all gone now.
But it has been a great way to let the kids do something small
and unique.

The uncles and aunts seemed to like the gifts.

In all,
I think he gave away around 20 of them.

And we have candy left over for him to make a few more.

Before we started this project,
he still struggled to make a simple knot,
and now I'm pretty sure he has it down.

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