Sunday, January 6, 2013

Puppet Craft - Dear God, Thank You For My Family

For Thanksgiving and Christmas,
we focused on
Being Thankful for the Gifts God gave to us.

I almost forgot to take any pictures on this day!

Our theme...

Thank You God for the Gift of My Family.

Each child was given a paper and a craft stick -
one for each of their sisters and brothers.

They copied the pictures for a "girl" or "boy" from the chalk board.
and were instructed to think about what their sibling looked like while coloring...

did they have blonde/yellow hair?
brown or black?

What color are their eyes?

most of our kids have black/brown hair and brown eyes.

The older ones cut out their "puppets"
and all of them had time to make "ME" puppets,
and most also made "mommy and daddy" puppets.

Sunshine was the youngest,
these are her puppets.


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