Saturday, January 19, 2013

Organizing the Hallway

Blast from the Past

January 2009

This is one fix that remains "working" for us to this day.
Except for ONE small problem,
with our school room next door,
we are adding chalk to the baskets faster than the kids are using it up.

Shortly after this was posted,
I discovered that I was pregnant with Sunshine.
Shortly after that,
my mom died,
the electricity in the hallway (and the Master bedroom area) shorted out,
so we no longer have light in the hallway,
and by the end of this year,
we had moved our school room next door to my Dad's downstairs area.

So much has happened to us since we did this 4 years ago.
I was just a little shocked at the dates,
because I still think of this as "recent" improvements!

We got some little baskets at the Dollar Tree.
 They are not quite what I had in mind ... but they work.

Story has become quite a "skilled" fix it girl.
Song wants you all to know that she let Story borrow HER hammer.

Finished - except for the chalk.

Basket 1 holds the expensive school chalk and erasers.
Basket 2 holds colored chalk.
Basket 3 holds sidewalk chalk for the youngest ones to play.

This is working out very well!
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