Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't you LOVE getting great stuff for FREE!

This was first published in August of 2008.


Several locations for finding Free items for school and productivity.

I have downloaded quite a bit from these Giveaway sites.

Ya'll may really enjoy them.

1.  Give Away of the Day  (and a sister site - Game Give Away of the Day ... but only on weekends)

The catch is that it has to be completely downloaded and installed per the instructions (some are trickier than others) by midnight on the Pacific Coast.

And you can only use it for your personal benefit - not commercial.

I've been downloading from this website for over 6 years, without any problems.

And if you like that "Free" part...

Here is a blog that gives away books PDF - homeschool friendly books every day

And free all the time are the MP3 books - human read - at

not everything is worth listening to...but lots of the great old books are there. The run on volunteers, and have hundreds more books on their list waiting to be read. My girls love listening to these on their MP3 players while doing chores.


Also, we download sermons from - several of which have rss (or podcasts) available for download on a daily or weekly basis.

The girls love being able to listen to different things without bothering anybody and they can do outside chores too. I've also ripped their AWANA Ultimate Adventure CD's for the books that they are working on an put the verses they want on their MP3 players. Kendra loves to listen while she knits.

You don't have to have an MP3 player though - I've burned several of their favorite books and stories to CDs and I listen on my computer when I can. Most people have Media Player on their computers - I recently upgraded and LOVE the new version!

***  We eventually recorded far more sermons than we had time to listen to ... and I stopped recording.  BUT you can still get free sermons and such through them, though the format has changed a LOT since I used it last!


Books for your ereaders?  

Try Gutenberg!    They have several formats, including Kindle and PDF and several others.

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