Friday, May 11, 2012

Teaching Baby Sign Language

When Scholar was a baby, we started using Signing Time videos from our public library.

He learned to sign water, milk, help, more, up, scared, and nearly 100 other signs, including the alphabet ... which he had used to learn to spell his own name before his 3rd birthday.

Some fear that sign language will slow verbal communication ... but so far, I've not found that to be true.  Instead it seams to unlock the part of the brain that aides the verbal communication.

Our best friend's 2nd child is borderline autistic.  She didn't talk much ... until we started using sign language with her .. at age 5, she finally began to talk, lots of words, but we quickly realized that they almost all were words that she learned with sign language first.  Today, she uses full sentences ... somewhat choppy, but she is communicating!

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