Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keeping Up with a Busy Toddler

Sunshine is a Busy Body.

Her little body is always busy.

And she adores her older siblings.

So what do I do with her when the older ones need to 
concentrate on their schoolwork?

Have Sunshine fix lunch for everyone.
She thinks this is a LOT of fun.

Find simple chores to do.

She really enjoys putting the empty laundry basket back in the bathroom.
As well as picking up hangers, laundry, and shoes and socks.

Have a tea party with a cousin.

Pretend to not notice her science experiment.

After all,
the mixer will clean up nicely.

And Baking soda is really cheep.

Do you like my red mixer?
It is one of my top 10 best
Christmas presents ever.

I have an awesome MIL!

See Sunshine knows you have to MIX on the mixer.
And she knows you have to have liquids and powders.

I haven't a clue where she got the liquid.

Her sippy cup maybe?

Have her read stories to her babies and put them down for naps.

We let her help in the kitchen.
She wanted to help peal the carrots.

After all,
her 4 year old cousin is doing it.


I believe in starting them young
helping out around the house.

I'm also not above
putting on a VHS video
or a DVD
and letting her watch her favorites.

Like Blue's Clues, and Donut Man,
and Cedar Mont Kids,
and Richard Scarrey,
and Winnie the Pooh ....

What do YOU do to amuse YOUR toddler?

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