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Weekly Web Posts: July 28, 2017


Freebies - because everyone needs a break when we're getting ready to start school.  Make sure you bookmark these sites, or sign up for their newsletters.  --  This one is a treasure trove! 

More about Eclipse and Plans

And DONT miss the meteor shower a few days before!

I do a LOT of books in our homeschool.  And I get many for Kindle from our local library.  Here are some other places for Kindle or ereaders for finding great books.

Want to add Art or Writing to your curriculum?

Grammar and More Grammar

C. S. Lewis



Radio Shows

Short Term Missions


What do you do when the CDC or other agency calls and wants to talk to your child?

More about Parental Rights

For PARENTS ... how predators will get to your child - one father's story

Stuff for a Road Trip

Personality in the Workplace


Reusing old sheets

Cast Iron


 Jewelry for Adult or Teen "Stemming"

It's nice to see that change may be coming to the standard practice of child birth.  Midwives have done these for years, and it's a big part of why they are so successful around the world.

Solving the mystery of fibromyalgia

Ovarian Cyst

Apple Cider Vinegar

Problems with tight yoga pants and leggings


 Roach recipe again


Politics protecting aspartamene

Parental Rights Again - We are loosing rights to parent our own kids ... where will it end?


Making money with Amazon


 My oldest daughter decided to be an author.  Last year she was interviewed on an online radio show.   She's revamping her whole collection ... and releasing a new book (and one for me!) in a few weeks.


 Not really sure where to put this one.   The product is amazing, a health watch that goes far beyond the fitness watches that are all the rage.   You can use it to help monitor an aging loved one, or a child that has health issues, and it is so much more!

How NOT to clean your computer

How to protect your phone and tablet from malware


Trains .... model train tracks that will awe you.

Cicadas in Texas - They are everywhere!

Just Coincidence...

About 4 months ago, people began to notice that their Wish List sorting functionality was being limited.  It was intermittent, sometimes they would be normal, and sometimes not.  But it became more frequent.  Turns out that there are a LOT of servers hosting Amazon, and they were changing one server at a time.   So by the end of 2 months, all of them had been changed over, and sorting by price or price drops or anything other than priority was impossible.    BUT it still worked on the apps... until a few days ago.    
So I will no longer be watching for FREE books for more than just my own family.  It is far too time consuming to find them each day without stocking the Wish List with ones that were free ever so often.   I will be shifting then onto this Wish List and then deleting them as they stop being free or after they have been on the list a while, as long lists are also now VERY hard to manage.    I will still post savings and freebies on my twitter feed if I find any that look new, and they will go on the above list for my kids and a few friends to catch books, so tag along if you like.

If you like getting free Kindle Books of all types (mostly clean and kids) and learning about bargains… you might want to join my twitter feed.   
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