Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo Fun: Brown

Story's Hair ...  I think it's gorgeous.
She has more hair than all of the rest of us combined,
though I suspect that if the Ref and Scholar were to grow their hair this long,
they might give her some competition.

Our church sewed dresses for orphans in the CAR.

One of Song's bunnies.

My Dad cutting trees from around our house.
After the drought two years ago,
this was necessary -
before the trees died any more and dropped damaging limbs onto our trailers.

Not all of the trees were dead or dying.
It was sad to fell a few healthy ones to have room to bring down the dying ones. 

We have "tons" of cedar on our property.
This one was huge and healthy.
We've saved all of the wood to build something out of it later.

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