Sunday, April 21, 2013

D is for Dove

D is for Dove

We looked at several stories about Doves,
and other significant factors in the Bible.

1.  God Created the Dove

2.  It was one of the clean animals that Noah took 7 of into the ark.

3.  We reviewed the story of Noah,
and the part the Dove played in the story.

4.  We talked about how God allowed a dove to substitute for a lamb
for a sacrifice if the people were too poor to bring a lamb.

5.  Mary brought Doves when she brought Baby Jesus to the temple.

6.  We reviewed the story of Jesus' baptism,
especially the part where the Holy Spirit descended as a dove.

7.  Briefly mentioned that the Dove is often a symbol of peace.


We used their hands to form the wings.
And I haphazardly drew a bird head,
and was impressed with the results.
(I can't draw).

Sunshine's Dove was unique.

A couple of the bigger girls were quite elaborate with their decorations.

I encouraged them to draw the stories and pictures from our discussions,
onto the D part of their Doves.

This is suppose to be John and Jesus at the baptism.

The kids erased most of the blackboard before I remembered to take a picture.

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