Thursday, March 7, 2013

B is for Bible

I had a rather Large group this Sunday ... so I forgot to take pictures.

Our B week .... B is for Bible

We talked about
WHO wrote the Bible - God did ... through men.
WHY God wrote the Bible -  to lead us to salvation
God's Word is ALWAYS true.

We talked about several Bible Verses ... especially the 4 we chose to put inside the little book that we made.

Would you believe that the ONLY picture I managed to take was of the one page that we didn't use that day?

For the craft,
we cut the page in half, and set one set of verses inside the other,
cut a piece of construction in half,
put the verses inside the construction paper,

By curling one side of their "Bible" over,
we stapled the middle of the book so that the staples
didn't interfere with closing the book.

We drew several pictures on the green board for the kids to copy,
pictures that went with the verses.

Such as a path,
a sword,
a heart,
a lamp,
a flashlight,
a teacher with a student,
a Bible,
and similar pictures.

We used glitter glue to write "BIBLE" on their books.

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  1. Oh, we did take pictures, Mom. Lots of them. But they're all on my camera, whose card can only be read by my out-of-commission computer.


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