Monday, October 9, 2017

Just Enjoy the Music : What a Day that Will Be

For a while here … I’ve been mulling music … and songs from my childhood.  Much loved songs.  Some songs I remember with one voice, and others I remember from several records, church choirs and many more.  But I thought, it would be fun to feature some of those songs … into a song study for homeschools.

You can consider this a Free Curriculum if you like - or just something fun.

Compare and contrast the different groups singing the song.

Is the music all the same or did they change it?

Do you like the changes?

Did they change the speed of the song?

Did changing the speed change your emotional response to the song?  Do you feel sadder?  Happier?  Want to dance?  Go to sleep?

Are the voices high or low?  Do you like the song better sung at a higher pitch or a lower pitch?

Which version did you like the best?

Learn this song as sung by your favorite group.  Try to imitate their pitch and tone.

Do the singers move around?   Did that add to your enjoyment or the emotional feel of the song.

Write out the words to the song.  What do they mean to you?

What is the history of the song?  Who wrote it?  Why?

What other things can you learn from these songs?

If the song is Christian… Is the Song based on Scripture?   Can you find Scripture to back up the message in the song?


 What a Day That Will Be
Jim Hill

Jim Hill - the writer sings his own song

The Talleys & The Allen Family

Michael Combs

Oak Ridge Boys

Brian Free & Assurance

Terry Ann Douglas

Bart Millard

The Cathedrals

The Statler Brothers

Heritage Singers

Guy Penrod, David Phelps

The singing contractors

The Gospel Plowboys


  In the comments - which were your favorites?  Do you have another favorite not listed?

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