Thursday, August 10, 2017

Science and History for Kindergarten

Our public library has about 50 books on CD 
in the category of science or history.

Scholar loved to check them out,
and he got to choose the ones he wanted.

He loved Ben Franklin.
And the Bats.

He sat for close to an hour,
with his headset, listening and turning pages
in the books.

Sometimes he changed books,
and sometimes, he didn't.

He did the same thing with his MP3 player.
On his player right now are "50 Famous Stories Retold"

with stories from the Greeks and Alexandar all the way through William Tell.
Some of the stories are more legend,
and some are more supported by facts.

He also has a Beatrix Potter Treasury.

Both free through LibriVox.

He had a lot of songs and other stories as well. 

Sometimes, he likes to play with his Legos
while he listens.

So he get's math and physics in too.

Do you like his airplane?

Scholar still learns by listening, though he's added videos to his list of options.
I frequently download videos for him to watch.
Then he deletes them when he is finished.  
I think this is safer than letting him loose with Youtube.
Sometimes it is hard to keep up with him.

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