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Weekly Web Finds - May 20, 2017


Penn Foster Online High School

Everyone has seen the “must read classics” lists?   While I wouldn’t read many of their alternatives, the article might be a good reference for some considering “best books” for college bound teens.  The descriptions are informative enough that it might help you decide if you even want these books in the hands of your impressionable teen.

The big push in school circles (not the unions) is a voucher system for school choice … but not all see it as a good thing … because if the government gives you money, sooner or later, they will start dictating the rules you must follow.  Currently, our homeschool budget is under $500 a year … for everything.  Last year, most of my friends had their kids in public school and posted what it was costing them to send their child to a free school - they averaged $250 per child.  This was offset by frugal parents who found hand me down uniforms, recycled last year supplies, and had watched for sales and just downright saw no need for certain products, and their child required no extra fees for outside activities.  The biggest amount I saw was $2000 for 3 kids, HS boy, JH boy, elementary girl.  Two were in football, one in cheer-leading, all three in band, one in special choir and the other two in beginning choirs requiring a uniform purchase, and the list went on and on.  On top of that were fees for lunch cards and bus passes, special transportation, soccer, baseball, basketball, a special shop class, and a tap dance class.
And people say they can’t afford to homeschool?


Matt Walsh argues that pregnancies are not “accidents” because it is the normal result of engaging in *** activities.   They may be unwanted or prevented or unintended.  But God designed the activity to produce a baby … so it is no accident when it works the way God intended.

Does Modesty really matter?


Mostly Friendly INFP

Medical Kidnapping

This woman learned a lot about her husband and herself by asking him to pick out her clothes for a week.

A 5 point scale designed to help kids help communicate what bother’s them and when they are bothered …. and many have found it a useful classroom tool.

One factor in the fight for parental rights.  Around 50% of children born to the disabled are removed from their homes on the grounds that it is too hard for them to care for the babies and the the helpers they hire are not allowed to lift even a finger to help.   Just how much extra work are baby clothes added to a load of laundry?  The disabled are often treated as burdens and assumed that they have the mental ability of young children, and many cannot fathom why they might even WANT to have children.  But in the war for parental rights - ALL parent’s rights need to be protected to give children maximum security in life.



 Trash to Treasure Craft Projects for your home.

Clever Ways to DIY for parenting

More DIY Recycling

Uses for Rubbing Alcohol


Vaxxed vs UnVaxxed …

Why you can’t see it … even though it is right in front of you?

Dangers of LED lights

High Frutcose Corn Syrup … natural?

A rather “deep” article about the correlation between autism, vaccinations, and immigration.

Dehydration … even if you are drinking plenty of water?  Yes, it is possible.

New advances in slowing and preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s

Dangers of sugars - even “healthy” sugars to your health


Dangerous “lady bugs”

Best Fly Trap Ever … but quite stinky


Would you move to a remote villiage in Italy if cost of housing was a “song”?

If you remember that Matt Walsh enjoys writing satire … and staunchly a right wing Christian … his advice to Donald Trump … while very funny as satire …. it is startling to realize, his advice would probably silence the critics against him.  How far downhill our society has gone.  Don’t read if you have no sense of humor, it will just confuse you or make you angry.




How to clean your computer

Near Perfectly preserved Dinosaur find

Rush Hour … around the world

Modern slave story - long and sad

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