Monday, May 29, 2017

School Plans for 2017 - 2018 .... subject to alterations

This year, I will be schooling 4 students.

The boys - Scholar and Squirrel will both be in 6th/7th Grade.

The girls - Star is a 4th grader, and Sunshine is in 2nd.  

Squirrel and Star are only here a few weeks of the year (30 - 35) and just for school, they return home on the weekends.   They live just far enough away that they overnight here rather than their mom being on the road 4 hours a day to transport them.

They have been here for 2 full years, and we do something of a 7 weeks on, then a break.  We do 5 of these and call them rotations, so we run about 35 weeks of the year.    This year we are planning this ...

School's Proposed running = (35 weeks accounted for)

Rotation 1    July 31 -  Sept 15

Fall Break Sept 16 - Oct. 1

Rotation 2     Oct. 2 - November 18

Christmas Vacation    November 19 - Dec. 31

Rotation 3     Jan 1 - Feb 16

Winter Break    Feb 17 - Feb 25

Rotation 4    Feb 26 - April 20
Easter Break April 2 - 6

Spring Break     April 21 - April 29

Rotation 5    April 30 - June 15

Summer Vacation    June 16 - July 28

My own two kids have activity watches - both Garmins, and they remind us to not sit still all day, every day.   School is important for the mind, but so is movement!   So keep in mind that we send them outside to run for at least a few minutes every hour.   They also have an hour of lunch and play, 20 minutes before chores and all of the time after chores (except on bath nights).   Also, if they are ready for school early, they can grab extra minutes before school.   I'm not a school in my PJ's type person though.

Our proposed day will look something like this ....

8am -
Get up, clean rooms, make beds, dressed and hair brushed, morning chores (dishes, start laundry, breakfast, vitamins, animals) ...

9am -
Scholar - Math using Kahn's Academy.   Currently on 5th - 8th Concepts
Squirrel -  will be working in 5th/6th grade Rod and Staff English.
Star - 4th Grade Reading from Rod and Staff
Sunshine - 2nd Grade RS Spelling and Penmanship

10am -
Scholar - 6/7 RS English
Squirrel - Kahn's for Math - Currently on 3rd - 5th Concepts
Star - 4th RS Spelling
Sunshine - 2nd RS Reading

11am -
Scholar - Special Topics and School House Teachers Bible Units - Life of Christ and other studies
Squirrel - Alpha Omega 7th Grade Lifepacs
Star and Sunshine - State History

12 Noon -

1pm - 
Scholar and Squirrel - 6th Spelling RS
Star - Math on Kahn's - starting at the 2nd - 3rd concepts
Sunshine - 2nd/3rd RS English

2pm -
Scholar and Squirrel - Electives from Schoolhouse Teachers
Star - 3rd/4th RS English
Sunshine - Kahn's Math - 1st - 3rd Concepts to begin

3pm -
Scholar and Squirrel - World History using ..
I made these for the girls this year ... but will adapt them for the boys for next year.  I will supplement with topics from Schoolhouse Teachers.
Star and Sunshine -  Listen to the Bible chapters from Reading class and draw the story.   Also Awana and Schoolhouse Teachers videos to fill in.

4pm -
All - Science from Schoolhouse Teachers and Youtube with special projects assigned per age.  Our topics will be Geology and  Botony for everyone, with Physics and Chemistry topics as well for the boys.   We chose to not do Apologia this year - as we had purchased the School House Teachers and were loving it.  Scholar also plans to do a unit on Earth Science.

During the evening they play, do chores, Eat Supper.

By 7pm we are in the schoolroom to do Tablet Time, Reading Time, Bible Memory Time, and Clean up for tomorrow, as well as checking off our tasks and chores on Habitica.   I would rather do this in the livivngroom, but storage needs have taken over the livingroom again.

9pm - Bedtime and Lights Out.   They can listen to music or Audio books on their devices (mp3 players or old cell phones pretending to be camera/mp3 players)  for an hour.

The schedule seems to work for us, they end up with very little work to do over the 3 day weekend.

We do almost no testing - other than English and Math and other subjects as is required, like spelling tests, until they reach High School.   But they have so much more fun learning when they don't have to worry about what might or might not be on a test.  And it's fun to sneak in an extra book or video about what we are studying.

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