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Weekly Web Finds April 28, 2017


Managing busy schedules for multiple kids using Google Calendars -

Getting kids to grow up ….  kids living at home without working on an education or helping by getting a job and doing chores …

Other side of the coin … why is housing costs so high that the average young adult can’t afford to move out?  Even with a job and an education.


Making homes from Trash

Ken Ham has been debating and witnessing to Bill Nye for several years now, while Bill reciprocates with disdane and mocking.   But it seems that Bill’s got a new show on about Saving the World, and it has a new message born from the depths of evolutionary propaganda.   Honest, don’t watch the top video … and if you do, turn the sound down (it’s not very good and the message is horrible) and watch over to the right where Bill is watching the show and a few times you can see his reactions.


Why is it so wrong to WANT to stay home with the kids and home instead of the rat race of a “real job” ….  it’s not in the article but my theory is that it has everything to do with the way they set up social security.

Stress effect on our kids…

To Share or Not to Share …. this is something of a pet peeve of mine.  When people would come over, I was made to share my things.  Even if I carefully put them away so they wouldn’t be seen.  If they were out, I had to share because they could be seen, even if I had no time to put them away before the “masses descended” because they were out, I had to share them.  If I put them away and someone wanted to play with them, then I had to share because I wasn’t using them.  And half the time, my things were damaged, torn, or lost.  And it made no sense to my mom that this would upset me.  But it did.  I learned to hide and hoard my things.  I actually learned that sharing was a dangerous thing.   I tried something different with my kids, I tried to give them a heads up if we were going to have company .. not always possible, but if we did get surprised, my kids have shelves and drawers that they know they can drop toys into and they are off limits.  They can choose a few toys to bring to another room.  They can bring toys to me and depending on how they ask, I will say yes or no to being played with or taken outside.  I’ve even been known to let them load my bed with off limit toys and declare shelves or containers off limits.  The results are that my kids don’t mind sharing the rest of their toys.  Their favorite dolls are off limits, they still have other dolls, the kitchen, blocks, dress up, coloring books, and tons more.
When adults are forced to share … we call that socialism or theft.
And what does this teach children who always are on the receiving end of the share business?  Maybe as a child who is still learning, it is ok to take the neighbors bike for a spin, play on their toys in their backyard, and walk into their kitchen and take an apple and a soda.  But if that child is not taught to ask before taking, and learns to accept “No” … what happens when he takes the neighbors car for a spin? Or helps him/herself to the change lying on the dresser?


Getting rid of junk


ADHD is almost nonexistent in France .. What are they doing differently?

Alternate ways to use VICKS .. I already use several.  Frequently, I add my own essential oils to containers to give them an extra boost to the essential oils that they already  use.

TED talk videos about how the brain works

Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved … doctors think they know what is causing it … but that’s only the first step.

Do you need more magnesium?
I spend WAY too much time sitting… I kind of knew that I needed to move more.  I tried to go for a walk everyday.  And then the Fitbit came out.  And I found out just how little I moved.  And then I started to read about the damage sitting just a few hours could cause …
So, now I’m obsessed with “getting my dots” … I’m trying to move every hour, and I’m trying to move a bit more than the recommended 250 steps.  Getting really sick in February didn’t help (managed to catch 3 nasty virus’ back to back … which knocked me off my game for over 6 weeks.) so I’ve been steadily working to regain my lost ground and relose the gained pounds.  But it is information like this that has me determined - even if people laugh at my obsession with my dots.  And I made sure my kids all had watches that encouraged them to move.  Kids are increasingly unhealthy because they don’t move enough.

Vaccine Injuries on the rise….,123793

Dates and your health


Getting rid of ants ….

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Weeds … and how to slow them down

POLITICS  (Sort of)

Muslim Immigration in Sweden ..


A whole website dedicated to helping mom’s stay home by finding work they can do from home.


Right way to charge your phone and other rechargeable devices

Keeping your identity safe online …  especially true if you tend to “friend” people to play games or to play the quizzes.

Computer Discounts for homeschoolers


This kid is a genius, and might have the universe figured out … 22 minute video
Interesting concepts - and may go way over your head and sound quite odd.

10 Video Sites “better” than youtube

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