Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interesting Posts and Notes

These are a few links/articles that I've ran across this week that may be of interest to others.   Please skim and enjoy.

Also, I am in search of a new RSS Feed Reader ... Google Reader will be discontinuing their feed on July 1.
What I am looking for...
1.  Easy to add and remove a feed.
2.  Simple and uncluttered.
3.  Pulls the entire article and not just a few lines.
4.  Easy to enlarge the print
5.  Online.
6.  Able to mark off what I have read, and leave the rest for later ... as I typically have over 100 blogs that I follow, and do a rapid skim over the 200 or so new posts daily, then come back on Sunday Afternoons and some evenings to read what is left.
Some articles about other RSS Feed Readers

When Your Homeschooled Child Doesn’t Like to Read

Basic Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Coffee Filter Crafts – Snail Suncatchers

coffee filter snail suncatcher craft for kids

from Parental

Sidewalk Chalk – 4 Letter Activities

outdoor activities for kids


Window Tracing on a Sunny Day by Teach Preschool

How to Arrange a Personal Library 

North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns

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