Friday, October 24, 2008

"Through the Bible" with J. Vernon McGee

Blast from our Past .... this was first posted on Oct. 24, 2008.
But the information is still accurate.

Well, except that we are no longer on dial-up ... now on slow "high speed" cable via our telephone company.   I'm not complaining!   The best part is that we no longer have to take turns getting online.


We had to travel quite a bit today in the car.
So how do you keep up with homework when you are on the go?
Story listens to reading assignments whenever possible on her MP3 player. Today she was listening to the Bible on tape. I'm not sure where we got the KJV version she is listening to - but there is another great one put out by Thru the Bible Ministries along with all of J. Vernon McGee Thru the Bible Sermons. She was listening to Deut. and Song listened to Judges. I'm actually teaching Joshua right now.
The main website is down today for update and repairs, but I have used this link for downloading McGee items in the past. Then I burned it all to a couple of DVD's for storage so we can put them on the MP3 players as we need to.
Since we are on a slow dial-up connection (though Tim says that they put a cable in for higher speeds finally! - so the only thing stopping us is now lack of income!) a friend downloads the bigger files for me and I burn them all to DVD. The girls love picking and choosing what to put on their MP3 players.

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